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Monday May 3 2021

Australia’s Longe...

Australia’s longest road tunnel has been proposed after the state government in New South Wales unveiled a proposal to convert two proposed tunnels into one longer tunnel on the Great Western Highway.

Wednesday April 28 2021

Leaking Concrete ...

Rooftop water leaks are always a tough job to diagnose. Solving and rectifying them permanently can be even more difficult. 

Tuesday April 27 2021

A Sustainable and...

Australians can’t take many overseas holidays at the moment, so today I’ll take you to visit 2030 instead.

Tuesday April 27 2021

CommSec Report a ...

The NSW economy is lagging. NSW is ranked 7th by CommSec (only the Northern Territory is behind NSW).

1 Jun, 2020
Company fined over fatal NSW wall collapse

A building company and its subcontractors have been fined a total of $620,000 after one man was killed and another injured when a brick wall fell...

23 Aug, 2019
Stadium build 'could disrupt Marvel film'

Fox Studios Australia has warned the Sydney Football Stadium redevelopment could have "significant economic consequences" for the film industry and disrupt the production of a major...

16 Aug, 2019
Mascot Towers owners demand accountability

Apartment owners in Sydney's beleaguered Mascot Towers are demanding answers after they thought they'd secured the Australian dream only to see it turn into "a waking...

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9 Aug, 2019
NSW govt push for fed infrastructure funds

The NSW treasurer will call for the Commonwealth to dig deep for city and nation-building infrastructure when he meets with his interstate counterparts in Adelaide.

30 Jul, 2019
Premier backs Opal owners' right to sue

The NSW premier has defended the right of owners of units in Sydney's beleaguered Opal Tower to sue the state government over their plight, saying she...

29 Jul, 2019
NSW premier stands by stadium timeline

The NSW premier is confident the new Allianz Stadium will be completed by 2022 as planned, despite there being no company contracted to build it.

18 Jul, 2019
Industry 'Unprepared' for NSW Solar Plan

The NSW government's solar battery program risks injury or death because of a lack of training in the industry, according to internal budget documents.

Bentley July Construction
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10 Jul, 2019
Third Sydney Unit Block Evacuated

A third Sydney apartment block is under scrutiny over building and safety issues after it was revealed its residents were evacuated late last year.