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Monday April 15 2024

Jobs – the forgot...

Amongst the many reasons for rapid price escalation in housing over the past 4 decades is the restructuring of the spatial economy.

Monday January 29 2024

What has the pric...

Planning regulation is regularly singled out as the prime culprit in Australia’s housing crisis. 

Monday August 28 2023

A baton change fo...

Two world views are contesting the public policy space on social and affordable housing.  The first I will call ‘Let the Market Do its Work’ (LMDW).

Monday July 3 2023

Melbourne’s Publi...

According to State Government data, metropolitan Melbourne had approximately 23,700 hectares of public open space in 2016. 

Monday October 10 2022

Wrong way, go bac...

At the centre of a strong democracy is the ‘separation of powers.’ These are, firstly, the assembly of elected parliamentarians or councillors, secondly the ‘executive,’ that is, the government of the day, and, finally, the judiciary.

Tuesday August 23 2022

More of the Same ...

Despite misty eyed nostalgia in some quarters, we do new greenfield communities much better these days compared with the rampant, unstructured, suburbanization which gripped our cities for 30 years till the mid 1970s. 

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