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Monday, December 2nd, 2013
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Grey interior design
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The colour grey gets a bad rap. Think about it: grey day, grey hair…

It’s time to toss out all your dreary images of grey, because the sun is shining on this multidimensional colour, and it is absolutely HOT in the world of interior design.

Pick a shade of grey – from dove to charcoal – and it’s huge right now. Here are some tips for weaving grey into your home.


If you want a rich, saturated colour on your walls that will bring a room alive without competing with artwork and upholstered furnishings, paint your room grey.

Forget the myth that grey walls will make a room feel dark and gloomy. When you use grey as a backdrop for a space, every colour and texture in the room explodes with energy.

Grey lends lots of power without competing with the room’s focal points, such as lovely artwork or knock-out furnishings.

Grey Walls


Because it comes in so many great shades that pair well with just about any colour, is a timeless classic and suits every style of home, grey is an ideal colour for upholstered furnishings.

As an interior designer, when I work with young families I often recommend grey upholstery fabric on the pieces they use daily, so the furniture won’t show the wear and tear of kids and pets.

With the rich backdrop of a grey sofa, you can go a million different directions with accent pillows, threading in white, yellow, orange, teal, coral, pink, citron, emerald…

Grey lends itself well to contemporary and transitional style homes, especially when you bring it into the interior landscape through pieces covered in bold geometric patterns. It’s fun to mix modern patterns with upholstered furnishings and trims that pull in revitalised traditional patterns such as chevrons and florals.

When it comes to wood furnishings, I’m a fan of just about every finish known to man, including painted wood. You can find grey finishes in dining tables and chairs, side tables and bookcases.

 grey furniture


Stitch together bedding elements that feature grey, yellow and white in a wide range of fabric patterns and textures.


If you’d like just a pop of grey in your interior, try an accent lamp or a temple jar.

Life is less stressful when you pick accent rugs in colours and patterns that camouflage the signs of daily use. What could be a better pick than grey?


By Mary Carol Garrity
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  1. Trish

    I completely agree with the power and allure of grey. I’ve used it in my own home and advocate its benefits to my clients regularly.

  2. Richard Stegal

    Consultant and Sales of Architectural, Decorative, & Door Hardware, and Plumbing Fixtures

    The use of grey walls, both cool and warm tones has been used to great effect for a while in contemporary European design…I think it’s Ligne Roset whose adds use dark grey tones on beautifully detailed walls to set off their contemporary furniture designs. Restoration Hardware has been make ample use of it in the design of their stores and in their catalogs as of late…

  3. Vandna Chandra

    I’ve never followed trends but created what the space and location require for the perfect finished project.
    I’ve used Silver Grey as a neutral on walls and decorated the spaces with color or colors(a clients prefered).
    Looks stunning.

  4. Phyllis

    For me, gray in its many shades is a beautiful way to get clients to move away from the usual beiges. In the kitchen, it compliments stainless steel and also looks great above white moldings and wainscoting in all locations.