Window covering professionals are constantly being asked to solve dilemmas in the home and come up with an appropriate window treatment.

Considerations such as house orientation, proximity to neighbours, size of windows and noise levels are all significant. Of course there are many varied solutions, but I have indicated what I believe to be the best options here.

Keep in mind that double glazed windows greatly contribute to the effectiveness of many window treatments, particularly when it comes to noise control and heat/cold transfer.

In Victoria, steps have been taken recently to give homes a star-based energy rating (similar to the ratings on major electrical appliances). These ratings increase with the implementation of good quality and well-fitting window treatments.


Always keep in mind that some window coverings, such as roller blinds and verticals, are not 100 per cent block-out. There are unavoidable gaps on the sides that accommodate gears and chains, and sometimes there are top gaps where the brackets are.

Plantation shutters are also not to be considered 100 per cent block-out. Gaps between blades and stiles are unavoidable.

When trying to reduce glare coming through a window, screen rollers can go a long way to reducing the discomfort. Unfortunately, many people select white, generally for simplicity or to match décor. However, scientifically, darker colours are more effective. In fact, using a dark charcoal or black screen can reduce glare by up to 87 per cent without compromising the visibility out the window or darkening the room.

Getting the correct advice is imperative to achieving the maximum effectiveness from your window coverings. Keep in mind that many new Aussie home designs contain a lot of glass (because it is often cheaper than other building materials). Glass is a conductor and will dictate the internal conditions of your home.

A quick fix solution may provide a temporary relief from outside conditions, but window coverings are an investment in your home and ultimately add great value if done properly. Therefore, it is wise to research and ensure your home has the best and most suitable coverings you can afford.