Remaining current in terms of understanding the National Construction Code (NCC) and how to apply it is vital, which is why the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is releasing NCC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses specific to construction industry practitioners. These courses ensure participant knowledge is up-to-date with the most recent requirements of the code.

There are very few things that are ‘set and forget’ in this world, which is why learning continues throughout our personal and professional lives. NCC CPD are online courses specifically developed to ensure a professional remains up to date with change. They also have multiple benefits for participants, their clients, and the wider industry.

NCC CPD helps you stay current

The construction industry has been undergoing a period of rapid transformation in terms of technology, techniques and approaches as well as codes and regulations. What someone learns at Technical and Further Education (TAFE) or on the worksite or at university is the starting place for any practitioner, but it is never the end.

While hands-on experience is invaluable, NCC CPD provides targeted, industry-specific knowledge that validates and extends expertise gained on the job. It is also an effective way to update understanding of specific regulatory or technical advances.

NCC CPD helps you meet standards

The NCC sets out the requirements a project must meet to be compliant with standards that ensure the safety and functionality of buildings. It is not a static document, instead, it changes to incorporate new and improved practices, addresses new materials or approaches and encourages innovation. It focuses on how any given design and delivery methodology will perform in relation to the stipulated benchmarks and standards.

NCC CPD supports innovation

New information or new perspectives on the way things are done helps us to change and grow as professionals. It might lead a designer to think of new ways to address a challenging site, or a fire engineer to deliver improved safety, or help a compliance professional to reduce the incidence of serious building defects.

By gaining additional knowledge, a practitioner is equipped to confidently extend themselves, and therefore can also deliver better, more innovative outcomes for clients.

NCC CPD builds credibility

When consumer confidence in a profession has declined, being able to provide credentials that reassure clients is a positive for any construction practitioner. The NCC CPD courses were designed in consultation with industry, subject matter experts and government to specifically address the areas most in need of improved application. Having evidence of completing appropriate courses shows potential clients and project partners that you take compliance, quality and innovation seriously.

NCC CPD can make your work more fulfilling

Engaging in CPD can lead to greater professional pride for participants and improves their sense of career progression.

Many industry associations have either an optional or mandatory CPD program to ensure members of their profession are able to continually progress in their careers as well as staying current with best practice requirements in their current role.

CPD demonstrates competencies

CPD provides a way for practitioners to prove their competency in relation to key aspects of the NCC by completing knowledge checks and assessment components throughout the courses.

More broadly, the NCC CPD courses ensure regulators, consumers and government can see a tangible commitment to professional practice and continual improvement, which benefits the reputation of the industry.

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