Stabilising Asbestos at the Darwin Botanic Gardens

A new structure funded by the Territory Government has been completed at the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens which aims to stabilise asbestos in the area.

“Preserving and protecting our wonderful parks is a priority for the Giles Government and I am pleased to announce $285,000 of works has been undertaken to stabilise and contain asbestos in the Gardens,” Minister for Parks and Wildlife Bess Price said.

“The heritage listed rock wall at the Darwin Botanic Gardens had been in a state of disrepair and contains asbestos which could have posed potential safety risks if unmanaged.

“To manage this issue a new 130 metre long porcellanite wall has been built three metres in front of the heritage wall, where the space in between has been filled with earth.

“This new wall enhances public safety by preventing the heritage wall from collapsing, as well as reducing any asbestos risk there might be to the public.

“The heritage wall has also been covered in soil, except for the top, to stabilise the structure and contain any asbestos material.”
The type of asbestos discovered at the Darwin Botanic Gardens does not pose a risk to human health if left undisturbed, however a management plan has been implemented to ensure that asbestos is managed in the area to prevent incidents where the asbestos might be disrupted.

“Adaptive management practices are also being considered for areas suspected to be affected by asbestos,” Mrs Price said.
“This will include the Bullocky Tidal Mounds along Gilruth Avenue and Conacher Street, and the Poinciana lawn, the Woodland, Africa, Madagascar and Birdsong Gully areas.

“The management plan will be regularly reviewed in collaboration with licensed asbestos experts and NT WorkSafe.”
The new structural wall starts near the Orientation Centre, on top of the escarpment and follows the nearby road back down the escarpment.

Further planting of trees and other plants around the wall will follow to enhance the area.

This project commenced late March this year and was awarded to local company Akron Group NT Pty Ltd.




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