Treasurer Joe Hockey says the states and territories would be mad to pass up on an offer he's about to make to get them on board the federal government's infrastructure building program.

Mr Hockey wouldn’t detail what would be on the table when he meets his state counterparts on Friday, but the ABC is reporting it could be related to corporate tax receipts.

“We will see how the meeting goes,” he told reporters in Canberra.

“I have no doubt that the states will find it very hard to resist what the Commonwealth is prepared to offer them for the recycling of state government assets and investment in new productive infrastructure.

“Individual states don’t have to sign up, but they’d be mad if they didn’t.”

The federal government is pushing for the states to sell off public assets and direct the profits into productive infrastructure projects, like roads, to create jobs and lift economic growth.

“So I say to the states, it’s your choice,” Mr Hockey said.

“You can sign up or you don’t have to, but it will be first in first served so those that want to access the pool can access it. Those that don’t want economic reform can bypass it.”