Australia’s largest diversified property group has signed on as the first corporate partner of Livable Housing Australia (LHA), providing a pivotal boost to its efforts to make the principles of livable housing design a part of the industry mainstream.

In its role as LHA corporate partner, Stockland will advocate the adoption of the voluntary Livable Housing Design Guidelines and help to promote new industry best practice benchmarks for Australian residential properties.

LHA is an advocate for safer and more comfortable homes that are accessible to Australians from all walks of life via the adoption of improved design principles.

These principles are outlined in the Livable Housing Design Guidelines, which prescribe simple and uncomplicated building features that can be readily introduced to both new and existing homes.

According to LHA chair Peter Verwer, the group aspires to nothing less than a “transformation in the way we design and deliver the Australian dream home.”

Stephen Bull, CEO of retirement living at Stockland, says the principles advocated by the Livable Housing Design Guidelines are perfectly applicable to the Stockland’s new retirement living villas, townhouses and units.

Stephen Bull

Stephen Bull

“Liveable homes are designed for easy accessibility,” he said. “Our homes will be designed to be easy to enter, move around in and exit, with smooth transitions between rooms, wide halls and doorways.”

Verwer said changing social and demographic trends will necessitate attendant changes in the way Australian living spaces are designed.

“New technologies, an ageing population, demand for more flexibility and choice, and a growing cohort of baby boomers who want to remain ‘forever young’ will change the way we design and build homes,” he noted.

LHA is a partnership between members of government and industry, as well as community and consumer groups, which seeks to advance the adoption of livable housing design principles in all new homes in Australia.

Stockland’s decision to sign on as an LHA corporate partner is a major coup for the group, given the company’s current status as Australia’s largest diversified property group and its extensive portfolio of residential and retirement developments.