The world’s second largest skyscraper set a world Record as its wind damper moved over 100cm battling Typhoon Soudelor

As Typhoon Soudelor made landfall in Taiwan bringing wind gusts as high as 143 mph, the staff at Taipei 101 stood ready. The ultra-high skyscraper located in Taiwan’s capital city is the second tallest in the world and was designed with severe weather events like Soudelor in mind. Standing at 1,667 feet, the LEED platinum certified structure with 101 floors is the largest green building in the world. To meet LEED certification standards, buildings must be constructured with sustainability and renewable, clean energy in mind.

Situated between the 92nd and 87th floors, Taipei 101 sports the world’s largest wind damper. The 728-ton device plays a key role in keeping the building resistant to earthquakes and high winds. The wind damper helps to reduce the swaying of the tower during high winds causing less discomfort for those inside. This feature was critical as Soudelor came flying toward the city with sustained winds that reach over 140-mph.

 Watch the damper (and building) sway in the video below.