" When we go through Personal and Professional challenges, they can take us to deep dark places. As Creatives this is a place many of us know well and can be where some of our best work comes. But most times the opposite, as our Mindset has a Field Day trying to prevent our best designs being birthed. With comments such as “Will they like this approach”, “Could they dismiss these designs.”  “Self-belief and Self-worth challenged!

When creatives question themselves, it suggest that it’s time for a Mindset Re-Vamp

We can all get caught up in our world of possibilities, potential and the opposite, untruths. This is where our Minds have a field day, delivering unreasonable challenges to situations.  Not needed. We can get on the Rat Wheel and in Psychology call this place one of “Intoxicating Patterns”. Where we keep reliving and repeating all the tough Mindset stuff that has happened in our past. Our intoxication is self-perpetuating until we became conscious of the harm being done to our Creative Self and say Stop. Then, instead of letting our unconscious have a field day we have to slay the dragon and become conscious of this behaviour. This can be tough and challenging. But once you become aware of your Mindset coping mechanisms, you can separate from them and create distance from this negative part.

A quick story. “A client came to me with massive Mindset challenges. She is a talented violinist, Australian who was studying in Europe. And many of the teaching staff at an acclaimed Music University felt that their European performance tradition was ultimate. And yes, some of it is, but my client was eager to learn and she’s curious. Eventually she realised that her Australian interpretation of many works was needed. And instead of staying Stuck with those who criticised she was embraced by younger more modern chamber music groups. They asked her to lead and develop a new Spin on performances to grow audiences and funding. She is an in-demand Concertmaster, spending half her year in Australia and the rest in Europe”.

So how do you start to Tame and Train your Mindset. Here’s how: –

  1. Observe your Self- deprecating language. Would you talk like this to close friends?  Stop and Tame, change your negative Mindset.
  2. Heart not Head. Check in with your Heart when you get on the Rat Wheel. Does this negative language disconnect from your greatest asset your Heart?
  3. Conquer Fear This is where the Rat Wheel cycle starts. Stop reset your Mind, choose your Thoughts. Instead of Past Protagonists.

Start the new Financial year if in Australia or beyond with your Mindset supporting you. Not the opposite. Be prepared to be surprised as you feel Happier living and working in your Creative World.  Good Luck!


Sally Arnold is an award winning author of “Creating Encores”, speaker and business – woman who specialises in coaching people stuck in their careers. Sally inspires people to move from “Stuckness” into Standout careers and personal life. Sally is from an Architectural family in NZ and began her professional life as a Flautist. Moving through to Homewares buyer, reviving a tired department store then to Head of Business Development for The Australian Ballet. She is also a trained Psychotherapist. With her many career paths Sally has a deep desire and passion to help people create and be the best they can in both their personal and professional life.