A tenth person has been charged after an alleged fraud syndicate handed out bogus qualifications to wannabe tradesmen during Sydney's property market boom.

Detectives in December arrested two men and a woman for selling forged qualification documents to people who had not completed the required assessments.

One of the men and the woman were arrested in Melbourne on December 4 and extradited to NSW.

The second man was arrested in Sydney and the trio behind the alleged fraud was hit with charges of falsifying documents, NSW Police told AAP.

Six more men, aged between 20 and 54, were later arrested across NSW and charged with possessing false documents.

Another male suspect was stopped by police at Villawood in Sydney’s west early on Tuesday morning.

A search of the 25-year-old’s home allegedly unearthed documents, prohibited drugs, an electronic stun device and $6000 cash.

Police will allege he, like the other six men, purchased a fake qualification from the syndicate to work as an electrician, AAP understands.

False qualifications were also sold for roofing, drainage and building workers since 2012.

The 25-year-old was charged with using a false document to “influence exercise of public duty” among other offences. He was granted bail and is due in court in early May.

It’s understood the scam ran through Sydney’s property market boom until the alleged ringleaders appeared to have stopped providing the service in 2017. The investigation is continuing.