“Many businesses lean on ‘informal’, slightly subjective practices which often lack clarity and do not necessarily support workers.”

“You can systematically manage the psychosocial risk of your workers, without stripping away your inherent workplace culture. If anything, it should add-to, challenge and enhance it.”

“The best way to implement the standard should first involve understanding your workplace, perceptions of workers and to measure this. There has to be a baseline from which a steering group or team of leaders can use to formulate a strategy or plan.”

“From here, you can prioritise initiatives based upon any findings or recommendations that are applicable. Now, we have a well-thought and practical guide that can assist businesses. It is one thing to understand the standard, & another to implement it effectively.”  Zac Mullane, Senior Consultant, Gallagher Workplace Risk

In June this year we saw the release of ISO 45003 in Australia, a world first international standard for managing psychosocial risk in the workplace and is incorporated into the broader family of ‘ISO 45000 Occupational Health and safety management system guidance’

Following a recent ‘GHFC’ article, Creating a Safe and Mentally Healthy Environment for Workers During COVID’  (published in Sourceable.net September 2021), I was in the midst of processing a few Individual ‘Profiler’ submissions, when it hit home that ‘The GHFC’ really should offer the ‘Fulfilment Profiler’ to the Construction Sector, at no cost, representing a one-time opportunity to receive feedback from their Employees, as to the overall perception of the level of their current ‘Workplace Mental Health Well Being’…a ‘Selfie’ if you will!

So, for the month of October ‘The GHFC’ is offering all businesses involved in the Construction sector an opportunity to register for their own ‘Covid Profile’ or ‘Workplace Mental Health Well Being Selfie’ for FREE, being 100% sponsored by ‘The GFHC’.

To register your business or organisation simply click on the link below:

GHFC 20:20 Profiler (includes Questionnaire & Profile report) | The Glass Half Full Community (square.site)


WHY ARE ‘THE GHFC’ DOING THIS?: As we emerge from the current pandemic we all have to ensure we have learnt from this ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. The ‘Fulfilment Profiler’ (FP) is a psychometric tool to maximise on these learnings. Pre-covid the majority of employees conducted their work at their workplace. During the pandemic it became necessary for the majority of employees to work from home. The question now is: ‘What environment do our employees crave in order to be both fulfilled and productive?’

HOW WOULD THIS WORK?: The premise being that the Organisation would offer all of their Employees, or pre-determined Department(s), the opportunity to complete the ‘Profiler Questionnaire’, taking approximately 10 to 15 minutes to respond to 5 demographic and 16 fulfilment questions on-line, with the understanding that the responses would only be used to act as a ‘Selfie’ of the organisation’s ‘Fulfilment Profile’.

As such the individual Employees would not receive a ‘Profile report’, however the Organisation would, based on the amalgamation of all the individuals:

  • in essence the Organisations Leadership would clearly show that they are invested in the mental health well-being of their staff, taking a ‘Selfie’ and progressing from there
  • if nothing else this should have a positive impact on morale, something all Organisations need right now
  • the GHFC will be offering this service for ‘FREE, being 100% sponsored by The GHFC’

 Following is an example of the Profiler Questionnaire format:



  • Name: (First and Last)
  • Preferred email address  —————
  • Age: (In years only)
  • Gender: (F=Female; M=Male; B=Binary)
  • Job function: (Sales/Mrktng/Ops/Fin/HR/IT/Admin etc)


‘When responding to the questions in this section you are ranking in order of your ‘top of mind’ level of feeling as to ‘what makes you get out of bed each day to go to work’ – (ether remotely or physically), from most fulfilling (Primary) to least fulfilling (Quaternary). For example: ‘I get up each morning motivated to catch up with my Colleagues/Clients and hear their latest news’; OR ‘I get up each morning excited that I work in a place that has a Culture of doing the right thing by their staff and their customers’; OR ‘I get up each morning enthused by the prospect that I really have Role/Job satisfaction (not based on your salary); OR ‘I get up each morning reassured that I will be treated with inclusivity and respect by my Organisation’s Leadership’.

Please indicate a response to each statement below:

My Primary Fulfilment Influencer: Driving force to go to work is..? (NOTE: Choose one only)

  • My interaction with my Colleagues
  • The inclusivity and respect of my Organisation’s Leadership
  • My alignment with the workplace Culture (values, ethics, integrity)
  • My Role/Job Satisfaction (not salary related)

Repeat for:

  • My Secondary Fulfilment Influencer
  • Tertiary Fulfilment Influencer
  • My Quaternary Fulfilment Influencer


‘You now have 3 out of a possible 5 opportunities to rank/rate your Preference as to ‘how often’ you feel fulfilled alongside each Fulfilment Influencer, (from ‘Always’ to ‘Sometimes’ to ‘Never’). The two responses not selected are ones that you ‘seldom or never’ feel about that Fulfilment Influencer. For example your 1st Preference could be that you are ‘most of the time’ happy or comfortable / confident with your Workplace Culture’; with your 2nd Preference being ‘some of the time’; with your 3rd Preference being ‘infrequently’. This would indicate that overall you gain some fulfilment from your Workplace Culture, however it could be more fulfilling for you.’

Please indicate a unique response to every statement below:

MY ROLE/JOB SATISFACTION (Not dependant on remuneration package)

  • MY ROLE: My 1st preference would be to say that I am ‘……’ happy or comfortable/confident with my ‘My Role/Job Satisfaction’. (NOTE: Choose one only as your 1st Preference)

AlwaysMost of the timeSome of the timeInfrequentlyNever

  • MY ROLE: My 2nd preference, not already selected, would be to say that I am ‘……’ happy or comfortable/confident with my ‘My Role/Job Satisfaction’. (NOTE: Choose one only, being different to your choice above)

AlwaysMost of the timeSome of the timeInfrequentlyNever

  • MY ROLE: My 3rd preference, not already selected, would be to say that I am ‘……’ happy or comfortable/confident with my ‘My Role/Job Satisfaction’. (NOTE: Choose one only, being different to your choices above)

AlwaysMost of the timeSome of the timeInfrequentlyNever

Repeat for:

  • MY COLLEAGUES (My interaction with)
  • MY WORKPLACE CULTURE (My alignment with workplace values, ethics, integrity)
  • MY ORGANISATION’S LEADERSHIP: (Inclusivity and respect of)


A Benchmark study, conducted throughout late 2019, of over 1,000 submissions illustrated the following:

  • A degree of incongruence exists between the ‘Qualitative’ and ‘Quantitative’ responses, in some cases a complete reversal of Rankings.
  • 65% of participants who responded received a score in the Healthy zone, however 35% received a score in the Unhealthy zone.
  • Even if the ‘Selfie’ does not reflect such a ‘Healthy’ position, the fact that the Organisation has demonstrated to its Employees that it is well and truly invested in their mental health well- being, and now, based on the ‘Selfie, being in a position to enhance the workplace environment moving forward.
  • In essence a huge boost for Employee moraleand isn’t that something we all yearn for during covid!

SO, WHERE DO WE START?: By taking the time to read this you already have! However following are the steps in order to receive your very own ‘Organisation’s Selfie’:

  • send an email to charles@glasshalffullcom.com
  • include in the email your Business name, your nominated liaison with their email address, and the estimated number of Employees participating
  • by return email you will a link to your Organisation’s own personalised Fulfilment Profiler Questionnaire
  • distribution of the email to your Organisation’s Employees will be at your discretion, taking no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete and submit
  • upon final submission all the individual data will be merged to produce to your Organisation’s ‘Fulfilment Profile Selfie’, then emailed to the Organisation

Remember, if you or anyone you know needs help, please call:

·         Mates in Construction 1300 642 111

·         Lifeline 13 11 14

·         BeyondBlue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service 1800 512 348

·         Black Dog  Institute (02) 9382 4530 (note: BDI is not a crisis centre)