Around $264 million is stet toe be injected into the Paramatta economy whilst more than 530 new jobs will be generated as approval has been granted for towers which will house up to 1,137 new apartments.

In his latest announcement, NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes said rezoning approvals had been granted to increase building heights in respect to three towers in Sydney’s second city.

Under the rezoning, the maximum building height at on the corner of 87 Church Street and 6 Great Western Highway will be increased from 28 meters to 180 meters to facilitate development of 430 new apartments and more than 3,300 square meters of commercial space.

Meanwhile, maximum building heights of two towers at 189 Macquarie Street will be increased from 91 meters to 167 meters to allow for delivery of 705 new homes.

In a statement, Stokes welcomed the rezoning, which are part of the government’s plan to expediate development assessments in order to kickstart the economy during COVID-19.

“Parramatta already boasts a thriving commercial sector and vibrant community hub and these approvals will pave the way for more people to live close to where they work and play,” Stokes said.

Member for Parramatta Geoff Lee said Parramatta had undergone transformation in recent years and has emerged as an economic leader with a thriving commercial centre.

“From its diverse economy and world-class education to high-quality public spaces and bustling restaurant scene, Parramatta is fast becoming the place in Sydney to live, eat, work and be,” Lee said.

“More homes supported by improved infrastructure means everyone has a chance to live in Sydney’s second CBD.”


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