Tired of Moving Chairs Around? Nissan Built Self-Parking Ones 1

Friday, March 4th, 2016
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Japan prides itself on making nearly every aspect of everyday living more convenient through technology, but we never could have seen this one coming: self-parking chairs.

Posted to Nissan’s YouTube page, the Intelligent Parking Chairs use a system of wireless signals, ceiling-mounted, motion-detecting cameras and a Roomba-like circular chassis with wheels at the bottom of each chair.

In the video (although this part isn’t explained), a user can simply clap their hands loudly to have an entire group of disorganized chairs snap to life and arrange themselves back under the table to assigned positions.

A Nissan spokesperson confirmed┬áthat there are no plans to sell these to consumers and, upon further examination, it looks like this is really just Nissan’s way to cleverly promote its new Intelligent Park Assist self-parking car system.

The ploy worked. Good job, Nissan. But now they’ll have to deal with all those requests for robot chairs that will definitely start pouring in. You can’t create something this cool and leave us all hanging, er, standing.

source: Mashable
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  1. Karen J

    Technology innovation is suppose to solve challenges – what in god's name are these people doing at Nissan if they think this problem is large enough to justify this type of innovation. Ridiculous !!