Top 10 Construction Apps 2

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015
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Dulux Exsulite Construction – 300 x 250 (expire Dec 31 2016)
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Exploring the most popular Construction Apps available on Google Play and iTunes


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  1. David Chandler

    Are there any apps that help construction customers get a better deal? How do the reviewed apps fit into an end to end construction design, build and use process which aligns the key inputs of constructors to point to the main game – exceeding the customer's expectations. The apps reviewed here seem to be handy "me too" tools that just digitise what everyone does now.
    I have seen products that integrate B2B tools that allow customers to log a defect or service requirement, that auto notify the relevant fix-it party, have a time based response management, automatised billing of needed and get closed out by a customer satisfaction input. Imagine if constructors started to organise how they operated to make this happen – just like in other industries. A new approach to design, manufacture, install and warrant would pop up. The result would be better , smarter, faster construction and the huge number of current system discontinuities, waste and poor quality uncertainty would be avoided and allow for substantial reductions in cost.

  2. Naresh Shard

    This is really going to improve the construction management and monitoring at site.