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Banking Royal Commission News

Thursday June 27, 2019

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Property Industry Escapes Banking Royal Commission Fallout
Wednesday February 6 2019

Property Industry Escapes Banking Royal Commission Fallout

Australia’s property sector has been spared any major fallout from the banking royal commission after the final report did not contain any recommendations which will materially...

Feb 6 2019
Mortgage Broker Caution Needed: RBA

Making customers pay for mortgage brokers up front will cause "legitimate competition issues" and the government is right to be cautious about it, the Reserve Bank...

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Feb 4 2019
Financial Industry 'Must Change Forever'

The banking sector has been told it "must change forever" for forcing the Australian community to pay an immense financial and emotional price over many years.

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Feb 1 2019
Bank Inquiry to Make it Harder to Get Loan

It will become even harder to get a mortgage after the banking royal commission with lenders to be told to do more to check customers' living...

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