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Opal Tower News

Tuesday June 18, 2019

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Why Is Australia’s Building Industry Failing?
Monday March 25 2019

Why Is Australia’s Building Industry Failing?

On February 4, residents of the NEO 2000 tower in Melbourne were forced to evacuate after cladding similar to that used on London’s Grenfell Tower caused...

This is NOT High Quality Construction
Tuesday January 29 2019

This is NOT High Quality Construction

Last Christmas Eve, residents of the 36-storey Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic Park were forced to evacuate after hearing cracking sounds including a loud bang.

Mar 19 2019
More Opal Tower Residents to Return

Another wave of residents from Sydney's damaged Opal Tower can move back into their homes immediately after the properties underwent strengthening works.

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Feb 13 2019
Opal Tower Builder Submits Repairs Design

Dozens of families in Sydney's cracked Opal Tower have been told they must wait weeks after repairs are complete before they can move back as engineering...

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Feb 11 2019
NSW to rebuild trust in high-rise towers

NSW will undertake a major overhaul of the way high-rise apartment buildings are built, starting with the appointment of a Building Commissioner to step up compliance.

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Jan 15 2019
Sydney's Cracked Opal Tower Sound: Report

An interim report into Sydney's cracked Opal Tower has found several factors could have contributed to the building's problems, but has ruled out extreme weather and...

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Jan 11 2019
Opal Residents Reluctant to Reoccupy Tower

The builders of Sydney's cracked Opal Tower say most residents will be able to move back in on the weekend but the owners' committee isn't convinced...

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