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Saturday August 24, 2019

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NSW Gets New Rules for Greenfield Housing Development
Friday May 5 2017

NSW Gets New Rules for Greenfield Housing Development

Approval times in Western Sydney could be slashed from an average 71 days to just 20 whilst home owners would be given trees in order to...

8 Jun, 2018
Western Sydney Infrastructure Coordination is Essential

The proposal for a high level control of infrastructure delivery for Western Sydney by former NSW Premier John Fahey is needed for efficient delivery.

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30 May, 2018
Billions to Flow into West Sydney

A new multi-billion dollar city to be built around the long-awaited western Sydney airport will make the area one of the best places to live and...

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9 Mar, 2018
Locals Set for Western Sydney Airport Jobs

People living in western Sydney are being promised at least half of the jobs at the city's second airport when it becomes fully operational from...

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6 Mar, 2018
PM Unveils 'City Deal' for Western Sydney

A long-awaited multi-billion dollar plan to transform western Sydney as it faces a future of explosive population growth has been signed by three levels of government.

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6 Mar, 2018
Costco's Selects Western Sydney for HQ

American retail giant Costco has been given the green light to build its $77 million headquarters in western Sydney, generating about 1000 jobs.

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