A property management company in northern Queensland has triggered controversy in the local real estate industry with its risqué signs.

Coral Sea Property Management have resorted to the controversial tactic of pitching cheeky and salacious rental signs in front of vacant properties, drawing both the attention of potential clients as well as the ire of conservative local citizens.

The signs bear a wide variety of comedic pitch lines, with one offering free air guitars to new tenants, another proclaiming that the house up for rent is a “no twerking” zone, and still another making the bold assertion that action star Chuck Norris would be willing to rent the apartment property that it advertises.

While the signs have no doubt titillated many a passerby or potential renter, some have criticised Coral Sea’s tactics as tasteless and gimmicky – particularly some of their more prurient signs which are displayed in full view of the public.

These include one sign which features a head shot of Monica Lewinsky, renowned for her sexual indiscretions with former US President Bill Clinton. The sign reads “Did your last rental experience leave a bad taste in your mouth?”

Shaun Podbury, Coral Sea’s founder and principal, remains unfazed by the criticism, however, and is glad to have provoked such strong reactions – irrespective of whether they’re good or bad.

renting sign

While acknowledging that many people were offended or even outraged by the signs, Podbury nonetheless said the response had been “fabulous” overall, and at least provoked some interesting dialogue, as well as copious public attention for his property management firm.

The novel signs are consistent with Coral Property’s idiosyncratic style of operation, with its official website professing that the company was founded in 1999 “with the sole intention of shaking up the industry,” and that one of the its long-term goals has been to “[upset] the other agents.”

Some of the company’s quirks include an office cat called “Chairman Meow,” who send emails to renters to thank them for making punctual payment; the hoisting of a skull and bones pirate flag from the top of the company’s office building on Flinders St, as well as a staff uniform consisting of psychedelic tie-dyed T-shirts.