Avis Magica, an ambitious self-sustaining skyscraper housing a vertical aquarium, could wind up gracing the Miami skyline.

Latin for “Magic Bird,” the sweeping Avis Magica tower stretches 120 metres high with architectural elements reflecting avian features designed to generate the building’s own electricity and water.

The futuristic concept was submitted by Romanian architecture firm Amarada as part of the DawnTown Landmark Miami design competition, which asked designers to create an iconic architectural piece that contributes to the image of Miami.

While the project did not win, the tower has been widely recognised for its striking architecture and in-built ecosystem which the architect says would serve as a giant oxygen tank to help reduce air pollution in the city.

Avis Magica

Avis Magica

The observation deck of the skyscraper and the “wings” of the building would be made up of artificial “feathers” which would harness wind, capturing energy and distributing it throughout the tower.

“The feathers are made of semi-translucent material that allows sunlight to enter the building, necessary for photosynthesis process,” explain the architects. “They are mounted on a tension cable receiving vibrations, turning them into electricity.”

Above the tower, the architects also plan to install artificially created on-demand rain clouds to gather water for the building.

Avis Magica

Avis Magica at Night

The vertical aquarium would run the 120-metre length of the skyscraper with water pumped and filtered from the nearby ocean. The tower would be topped with a series of artificial islands (neighbouring the rain clouds) and tropical vegetation to house local birds, a museum dedicated to Miami’s wildlife, an outdoor concert stage and observation decks.

Amarada’s vision joins those of a multitude of architects who have been drawn to Miami as a hot spot for skyscraper development in recent years with seven tall buildings currently under construction and a further five proposed according to the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

The Panaroma Tower, by architect Kobi Karp, will stand 258 metres tall upon completion, making it the tallest building in the state of Florida.

Avis Magica

Avis Magica – designed by Armarada