Vic’s New Airbnb Laws to Hit Investors 1

Thursday, May 26th, 2016
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Airbnb and short stay apartment owners may have to pay up to $2000 compensation to neighbours and face being banned over rowdy guests under reforms to Victoria’s accommodation laws.

Guests will be fined up to $1100 for being too noisy, behaving badly, causing health and safety hazards or damaging property.

The new laws will be introduced into parliament by the state Labor government this week.

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  1. Tim Pine

    As a way of regulating Airnb, this sounds like it could be difficult to enforce and thus unrealistic, although the part of the new laws which makes owners liable for damage caused by their guests sounds sensible – you bring them in, you are responsible for them.

    What is fundamentally needed is to define exactly what does and does not constitute the scope of a short term accommodation business. Those whose properties are zoned within suitable areas should be able to conduct such a business. By contrast, those whose properties are not zoned within a short term accommodation business area should not be able to run such a business, and should be forced to restrict their premises hiring activities to those which do not fall within the scope of a short term business.