WA Legislation to Help Subcontractors Get Paid 2

Monday, September 26th, 2016
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Legislation has been introduced in the WA parliament with the aim of protecting payments to subcontractors in the construction industry.

Small Business Minister Sean L’Estrange said the Construction Contracts Amendment Bill 2016 would make it easier for subcontractors to access the rapid adjudication process for resolving construction payment disputes.

“This legislation will also be complemented by a Code of Conduct for contractors and the establishment of a compliance unit within the Department of Commerce to monitor compliance with the code,” he said.

Other measures include the Small Business Commissioner having more power to review and mediate disputes between contractors and subcontractors.

Some of the most publicised cases of subcontractor disputes include the Perth Children’s Hospital, the multi-billion dollar Elizabeth Quay development, the new stadium and the Perth airport expansion.

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  1. Kylie McIlroy

    No mention of security of payment. 'Rapid' adjudication is sometimes too late for some and is not helpful in cases of insolvency.

    • flavio maglica

      Kylie Mcllroy you are so right Rapid Adjudication is a waist of time the best method is the SECUIRTY PAYMENT ACT it really works and is fast now the MBA and the HIA want to change here in STH AUST because it works and there members dont like it , mmmmmmsomething thats works and they want to change it to the same system as in QLd now in WEST AUST . KEEP THE SECURITY PAYMENT for the subbies .