Police have warned anyone caught looting on the Perth Hills firezone would be met with the full force of the law.

Reports emerged on Wednesday that properties within the so-called “hotzone” near Parkerville and Stoneville could have been targeted by thieves during the forced evacuation on Sunday.

Stoneville resident Greg Jones, who stayed to fight the fires, says since the flames receded he had seen and heard reports of looting.

“There have been looters – I have seen a guy run past with a washing basket full of gear,” he told ABC radio.

“That is the other reason you need to stay is to protect your home from that.

“There are young kids on bikes that have looked suspicious, and I have have heard other stories.”

West Australian police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said he had no confirmation of any reports of looting, but residents should report any suspicions to them.

“In terms of property crime, that is the most despicable and lowest act that someone could commit,” Mr O’Callaghan said.

“When people are in crisis like this, that someone could go on to their property and steal what is left of their property.

“We will take very firm and very quick action if we get good information about that.”

Meanwhile, Consumer Protection is also warning West Australians of the risks involved when donating to unofficial collections for victims of the Perth Hills bushfires.

Consumer Protection commissioner Anne Driscoll recommended that people donate via reputable organisations such as the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund (LMDRF) or the Salvation Army.