A new board called Infrastructure WA will be set up this year to better develop the state and secure Commonwealth funds for major projects.

It is hoped the independent board, to be made up of leading public and private sector industry figures including a private industry chairman, will develop the best strategy on infrastructure without political pressure.

“There will be less silo decision-making across portfolios rather than each portfolio and minister making decisions without reference to a greater plan,” Premier Mark McGowan said on Tuesday.

“What I want to do is milk as much as I can out of the Commonwealth for Western Australia, the other states do it, this body will let us do that.”

Its main roles would be developing a 20-year strategy for infrastructure and industry investment, and applying more rigour and transparency in evaluating infrastructure plans and business cases.

It will also provide advice on financing and funding options, and improve collaboration with government, community and industry on infrastructure.

The Labor government’s current biggest capital works project is the multi-billion dollar Metronet rail development, including a new connection to the airport and new lines into growing areas.

Mr McGowan said he wanted online feedback from the construction, planning and property sectors.


By Greg Roberts