Heavy gusts are believed to have played a key role in a wall collapse at a shopping mall that has put two shoppers in hospital.

A wall collapse that occurred at a suburban shopping mall in Melbourne has left six people with injuries, two of whom have been hospitalized.

The temporary wooden wall surrounding a large redevelopment site within the Cranbourne Shopping Centre in south-eastern Melbourne collapsed at around 12:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon.

The wall tumbled onto a pedestrian thoroughfare within the mall, colliding with six people upon landing, including five shoppers and one member of staff.

Two of those injured during the incident were struck on the head and have since been hospitalized – a woman in her 80’s who has been sent to Dandenong Hospital, and a man in his 50’s who is being treated in Casey Hospital.

Emergency workers treated four other people for their injuries at the scene, while two cars on exhibition in the thoroughfare also suffered damaged as a result of the fallen walls.

The wall ran along the main corridor of the shopping mall, surrounding an area that is currently being refurbished to serve as an outlet for homeware and clothing retailer Harris Scarfe.

Mall operator Federation Centres is currently undertaking a $114 million redevelopment of the Cransbourne Shopping Centre, with much of the facility still being refurbished.

Strong winds are believed to have played a key role in the incident, knocking over the wooden wall after blowing through the open rear doors of an abandoned Coles supermarket.

Should these circumstances serve as the underlying cause of the incident, it will serve to highlight the importance of properly securing equipment during construction work, as well as ensuring that surrounding environmental factors do not have the potential to affect the work sites.

Federation Centres external affairs general manager Brandon Philips confirmed that WorkSafe officials had already launched an on-site investigation into the wall collapse, but refused to speculate on possible causes behind the incident.

  • How could heavy gusts of wind explain a wall collapse inside a shopping centre? In Melbourne, we regularly have windy days, but the wind blows outdoors. "Was there a door open or how could wind play any part in this wall collapsing inside the mall?"
    As the media said: 'Just another wall collapse'. Just another example of appalling building practices. Just like the widespread use of cheap sub-standard, unsafe building materials and products. Just like the hundreds of thousands of super defective, sub-standard and unsafe buildings.
    There is no excuse for unsafe and insecure construction sites, for not ‘nailing down’ walls, temporary or otherwise. And there is no excuse for building defective and unsafe buildings. In Victoria poor and unsafe building practices, the use of sub-standard products and very defective buildings have become acceptable and ‘normal'. This is an indictment on a lawless, uncontrolled building industry with zero oversight, no proper auditing and zero penalties to the perpetrators.
    Imagine that it is so dangerous for 40% of owners who engage a 'builder' to build a house, they/their families’ lives at risk. Now imagine going shopping is a major health risk!

  • Funny how things fall over. But if you knew how many HOMES are built to a very poor standard by ROGUE builders poor inspections that should not be passed and homes not safe to live in you would not be surprised. Consumer Affairs & State Govt building inspector R Karkut don't seem to be concerned as they aren't taking any responsibility for there lack of ability to do there JOB. R. Jones

  • Having worked in the building industry for decades, pictures of the temporary wall collapse bring back memories when I worked in shopping centre complexes.
    Any works such as these were POSSIBLY never inspected by the relevant authority, or centre management who may have seemed not to take an interest. WHY?
    I know the dodgy building practices, evidenced here, are nothing compared to what is happening to ordinary people who are attempting to build their home.
    The building "system" is riddled with incompetent, Inexperienced builders to handymen, as is the case possibly with the collapsed wall which was an accident waiting to happen being nurtured by building organisations thru to the expensive protected over paid and administrated Government bodies, that are supposedly there to protect consumers in the building industry more so in this case innocent shoppers.