Pack Your Bag for the Rocky Road ahead in 2021.

Finally, Wellbeing is being recognized by all as a necessary way of being, especially in the next years as we navigate life’s uncertainties.

We don’t have to put on a brave face, tough exterior, because it’s OK to not be OK.  Our needs and challenges must be front of mind as we all move through unchartered territory this year and the future.

Ask for support and help. Importantly to those who can meet you. Imagine that in this journey, when the oxygen mask comes down its yours. Grab it and put it on.  So, what has happened?

Organizations large and small are stepping up and announcing they are creating wellbeing programs. And those who still have their “head in the sand” need to read this article.  Futurists are writing about wellbeing being at the top of their list as one of the massive growth areas in the next couple of years.

Finally, Your Body, Mind and Soul is being cared for. Wellbeing Plus is an important support system for designers and creatives.

Here are some suggestions to create “Wellbeing Plus” in your business, work or at home.

  1. Openness to be yourself. Keep talking about personal and professional challenges in your career without feeling that “Big Daddy” is watching. Talking immediately takes the situation out of your body and head. Resulting in a feeling of lightness, where solutions can arise.
  1. It’s OK to ask for professional help. We all need it, me included. Psychotherapists stay current and aware of tough stuff, by working with professionals too.
  2. Your life is yours to live fully. Just do this now. If your job isn’t inspiring and deeply meaningful, regardless of the virus, make plans to reinvigorate your life professionally starting with “Wellbeing Plus”.  Ask for support, please.

“Wellbeing Plus” is a combination of the ways I navigated through a tragedy in my life 20 years ago. Your journey in the next couple of years needs experienced guides. Who can show proven ways to create a path or paths through uncertainty, loss and fear as a result of the virus There is a way through these times. And you will emerge resilient, stronger and deeply connected to the true inner You.

Stay well and safe. “

And be open to asking me how I can help”.

Sally Arnold January 2021.  E