How has it moved you into the world of Design?

I ask this question often of clients, whether in the Performing Arts, Business or Design worlds. Especially, if they are going through personal and professional challenges.  So, the situation we are in now is an important time to self-reflect Especially for Creatives. We are immersed in a world of beauty, style, potential, possibilities and innovation. These gifts come from inside. They are the Reason to Be, and to do what we do. It’s a calling we can’t refuse.

Why do I ask it? Simply because we can forget  our feelings of joy when we embarked upon the career we are in today. No different to a Marriage. Many forget the moment they fell in love with their partner. The exquisite feelings of love, energy,  connection and more. And when we go back to the past, years later to relive our feelings, we revive substantial and important creative parts of our lives.

It’s easy to get caught up in creating designs for clients who can be challenging. And eventually do you find yourself agreeing to keep the job on track and fees paid?  What if there was another way to revalue You,  the “Person” who started this career path full of aspirations and excitement. Writing your Story will help to bring that “Person” back. Consciously aware of your gifts and talents.

I would like to suggest that after reading this article you sit down in a quiet space and write “The Story of your Life” and how you moved into architecture, design, the creative world. This can be a reconnection to parts of yourself that you may have forgotten. It’s easy to do this, and Flow along with a career and all that is offered. Perhaps this world of joy and excitement became Normal. Which is not a word many Creatives like to use!

Try to create a story that is at least 2-3 pages of your life, past and present.  Don’t censor, especially times that were difficult.  (A Film Editor gave me this advice when writing my book. He said that if I  censored the text, I could take away the heart and energy of my words) This can be quite a cathartic experience, reliving your past and for some recognizing where you are now… You could even create a visual representation of this part of your life. A symbol of your world at present.

Whatever it is just write. When we write we bring to the surface our true self with a reminder of Why we are doing what we do. No different to renovating a home that has good bones, recognizing the beauty of this space and realizing with a bit of an update it can be even more magnificent. In these times it’s important to come back to your Roots, remember them, give praise, for where you are now. And importantly where you may have hidden some gifts and how to bring them back into your world of Design.

When the story is finished, sit with it. And yes there may be some new insights into your passion and purpose at this stage of your career. Some adjustments. Creative gifts that need to be added to your practice. Do it. In times like these life is not going to return to what it was. Permission has been granted to make sure You Create the Best Version of Yourself.

Your Story and only Yours.

Go well, Stay safe and healthy.