Energy and power companies dominate the upper echelons of a new list of the world's largest infrastructure owners, alongside some government holders of built assets as well as transportation agencies.

Bentley Systems has unveiled its latest annual list of the world’s 500 top infrastructure owners from both the public and private sectors, for which nine out of the top 11 placeholders are members of the energy sector.

While the United States government takes top spot with total infrastructure value of US$375.4 billion, the next five placeholders are all behemoths form the oil and gas industry, including Exxon Mobil Corporation ($252.668 billion), Brazil’s Petrobras ($218.779 billion), Russia’s Gazprom ($193.073 billion), Royal Dutch Shell ($192.472 billion and China National petroleum Corporation ($190.424 billion).

While the UK’s Highways England takes seventh spot with total asset value of $185.875 billion, the following four spots are again comprised solely of energy companies, including Chevron ($183.173 billion), Electricite De France ($154.875 billion), Petroleos De Venezuela ($137.172 billion) and BP ($125.806 billion).

A number of other transportation agencies also figure on the list, including the UK’s Network Rail at 29th position with infrastructure assets worth $84.025 billion and Transport for NSW, ranked 46th with assets valued at $70.568 billion.

National and local governments figure prominently within the upper ranks of the 2015 Bentley Infrastructure 500. After the United States, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Commonwealth of Australia are listed as the two largest nation-state owners of infrastructure assets, taking 14th and 22nd place with values of $119.957 billion and $106.876 billion respectively.

Other major government owners include the State of California, in 12th place with an infrastructure value of $125.125 billion, the state of Texas, in 18th position with infrastructure worth $112.851 billion, and the state of New York, ranked 24th at $100.441 billion.

According to the 2015 BI 500 the total value of the infrastructure assets held by placeholders on the list is in excess of US$16.2 trillion – almost commensurate with the GDP of the United States economy in 2014, or the combined GDPs of China and Japan during the same year.

The United States has the largest total infrastructure value among top owners, followed by China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Russia and Australia.