A hotel room in the Manta Resort, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, has added to an ever-growing list of hotels around the world inspired by - and making use of - the deep blue sea.

Situated near Pemba Island, the underwater room is a welcome addition to the hotel’s existing 16 rooms. The resort is a private three-storey floating room approximately 250 metres off the coast of Tanzania.

The exclusive underwater room represents the first of its kind for Africa. It consists of three levels, allowing guests to enjoy ocean views from both above and below sea level.

Hotel Room Within The Indian Ocean

Hotel room within the Indian Ocean

The room features a bedroom level that stretches four metres beneath the sea’s surface, while above sea level, the suite includes an additional level with a living space, bathroom and recreation area and a top deck for sunbathing and premium views. The unusual room comes at a cost with rates of $900 for single occupancy and $1,500 for double occupancy.

The underwater room may also lead to increased tourism, allowing Zanzibar to the estimated 168, 223 tourists it drew in 2012 according to Zanzibar End of Year Tourism Arrivals Statistics.

Connect With Marine Life

Connect with marine life

Pemba island, the second largest of the islands in Africa’s Zanzibar archipelago, offers some of Africa’s finest marine life and untouched coral reefs, all of which is all visible from the room’s glass-encased undersea bedroom. Spotlights are also available at night to view all that the Indian Sea has to offer, from predators to coral life.

The Manta’s underwater addition was designed by Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels. The company is known for the Utter Inn, a standalone underwater room in a Swedish lake near Stockholm.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida

Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida

Underwater hotel design is not a new concept, with other underwater hotels and rooms already established – such as the Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida where guests scuba dive 21 feet to enter their rooms.

The Maldives and Dubai are also each set to house ultra-modern luxury underwater hotels designed by Pawel Podwojewski of Deep Ocean Technology.

Evening spotlights

Evening spotlights

Upcoming and current underwater rooms such as the Manta demonstrate the evolving nature of hotel design. Now, even individuals with a fear of diving can immerse themselves below sea level to enjoy all the Indian Ocean has to offer.

Sleep with the marine life

Sleeping with marine life