Engineers with 12D experience and those in areas such as civil, structural and other areas are in shortage throughout Australia as a large number of public sector infrastructure projects drives demand for skilled workers, according to the latest report.

In its latest quarterly report, recruitment outfit Hays says Australia has a shortage of skills in specific areas of engineering amid a combination of an active market and a mismatch between skills which are desired by employers and those which can be offered by candidates.

“Australia’s engineering industry is very active with continued staffing demand and vacancy activity – although levels of activity do vary based on location,” Hays says in its report.

“ … there is a talent mismatch between the skills jobseekers possess and those employers want, which is creating staffing challenges in many states.”

“In particular, we’re seeing a shortage of suitable talent for highly-skilled occupations.”

In specific markets, Hays says the civil sector is strengthening in New South Wales as projects such as Sydney Metro, Sydney Light Rail and Parramatta Light Rail drive activity along.

As well, workers are needed on resource projects amid a comeback in mining activity.

In terms of the latter, PDI/commissioning supervisors are in demand as a large amount of machinery arrives on site whilst safety and training coordinators are needed to handle recovering workloads and headcount and workshop supervisors are needed to handle new and maintained machinery requirements on coal projects.

As well, boilermakers/welders and mechanical fitters are need as mines commission new equipment or rebuild and complete shutdowns for current equipment which was not serviced during the downturn.

Courtesy of the $700 million light rail project and a strong civil market with numerous subdivisions, land releases and road duplications, vacancy activity is also evident in the Australian Capital Territory.

Victoria, as well, remains busy courtesy of subdivisions in Melbourne’s north-west and south-eat and civil works including the Melbourne Metro project.

Civil designers are in demand in response to the increase in land development, highway and bridge projects whilst licenced surveyors are also sought.

In terms of the latter, supply fails to meet demand as the state has only 400 registered surveyors.

Senior structural engineers and senior mechanical engineers are also needed in response to an increase in commercial projects.

Although growth in Queensland is ‘slow and steady’, there is some activity arising out the $3 billion Queens Wharf development, highway upgrades including Kingsford Smith Drive and small lot subdivisions.

Civil 12D designers and civil engineers with subdivision and land development experience are in need despite talk of residential developments slowing down.

In terms of roads, civil engineers with road experience are needed for upgrades, land stabilisation and new roads and highways as are traffic engineers with experience in congestion and integrated transport planning.

With the Cross-River Rail project starting up, Hays feels that piling engineers could be in short supply as they are mainly occupied on the KSD project.

In South Australia, Hays says the market will be lifted over the next few years by infrastructure spending and road upgrades whilst there are a decent number of commercial projects underway.

Structural engineers with either or more years of experience are needed for commercial work whilst there is a shortage in 12D designers amid increase activity in this space and not many candidates having used this in the local marketplace.

In Western Australia, there is life in the civil construction sector in Perth thanks to highway extensions and the airport link.

Civil engineers are needed as are bridge engineers and civil drafters.

The market is competitive, however, and all employers want candidates with Main Roads WA experience.

In the Northern Territory, civil designers with 12D experience are needed for NTG infrastructure workers whilst there is a shortage of structural engineers with experience in working with cyclonic codes.

Civil engineers (QA/QC) are also needed with significant projects in Darwin.

In Tasmania, vacancy activity is being driven by civil infrastructure and building projects.

Civil designers are in demand for infrastructure and residential projects are civil infrastructure project engineers.

Building services engineers are also needed as well thanks to a spike in building construction and redevelopment works.