The recent announcement by the Victorian Government, to abolish the Victorian Building Code has prompted the Australian Constructors Association (ACA) to again call on the Australian Senate to pass the Federal Industrial relations legislation currently before it.

ACA Executive Director, Lindsay Le Compte, said that the abolition of the Victorian Building Code, related Guidelines and Construction Code Compliance Unit, heightens the need for national legislation to be passed so that industry stability may be assured.

“The industry needs to have a clear, consistent and effective regulatory framework to ensure that lawlessness and unproductive activities are prevented from flourishing on construction sites”, Mr Le Compte said.

“The abolition of the Victorian Building Code, which had previously been endorsed as a useful model by the Productivity Commission in its report on public infrastructure, now places increased emphasis on the need to address issues at the national level. The industry operates more efficiently where it is governed by clear legislative codes and guidelines and this has been recognised in the various royal commission and other inquiries that have been held over the last 25 years”.

Mr Le Compte went on to say that a well regulated construction industry also sends an important message of comfort to national and international financiers and investors, that their investment in Australian infrastructure projects is a viable, low risk alternative to their other investment options. He also said that a stable industry structure would maintain the industry’s attractiveness as a workplace of choice for both young and mature age workers.