With a few rare exceptions, wallpaper doesn’t generally enjoy a large following these days: difficult and time consuming to put up, expensive, and difficult to take down again when you get tired of it.

But until digital wall surfaces become as cheap as wallpaper, the latter might hang on for a while yet, especially if they look as good as some of the range of new, graphic-designed ‘art’ wallpapers by a new Finnish company called Feathr.

Made up of a group of ex-advertising people, Feathr has all the attitude and marketing skills you’d expect, along with some ‘in your face’ wallpaper designs.

In keeping with the digital age, the wallpaper designs use popular contemporary sources for their inspiration like surf culture, body art, graffiti and graphic design.

Feathr also uses crowdsourcing to invite designers from all over the world to submit their wallpaper designs to be ranked and voted upon online.

Those designs that receive the most votes are the ones that are then printed-on-demand using large format digital printers and shipped out to the purchasers.

‘We give artists a new canvas and total freedom to create art, not decoration,’ claim the Feathr owners.

‘Art blows minds.

‘Decoration matches the carpet.’

Clearly that’s a matter of opinion, but the fledgling company has received more than 150 wallpaper design submissions from all over the world so far and has offices in Helsinki and Bali, with a London office due to open soon.