Dulux has revealed its 2016 Colour Forecast Theme: ‘Design Age.’

The earthy and textural forecast responds to an increasing desire for personalised items, along with an appreciation for handcrafted techniques and precious materials.

As a society, we are also becoming more aware of the mass waste and environmental mess humans have contributed to. In response, consumers are returning to nature and opting for quality items and classic colour palettes that will serve our spaces for a long time.

The company points out who the Design Age audience is, stating “We desire the unique, the bespoke, the individual – seeking products that will add a sense of luxury and distinction in our lives.” 

Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour planning and communications manager, said the 2016 Dulux Colour Forecast portrays ideas and narratives which will inspire Australian design professionals to embrace colour like never before.

“This year, we are drawing upon international trends as well as celebrating the contributions and growing influence of local designers,” she said.

Dulux notes originality forms the backbone Design Age.

“A new industry of customisation is being created by the makers, the designers, the creators – producing handcrafted products that connect with us and focus on the importance of design more than ever before,” the company states.

The forecast is divided into four custom colour palettes carefully curated by influential “makers,” each of whom created bespoke products aligning to each theme.

Bio Fragility

Tactile and natural, Bio Fragility is the first theme. Dulux worked with Porcelain Bear’s Gregory Bonasera and Anthony Raymon, who specialise in functional porcelain objects.

The design duo are renowned for pushing the medium into unexpected technical and aesthetic territories.

The elegant Porcelena bowl which Bonasera and Raymon created for Bio Fragility “reflects the trend’s balanced representation of the environment’s natural intricacies.”

“Drawing on delicate colour cues, Bio Fragility’s palette is comprised of subtle, chalky tones including Dulux Fibre Moss, Dulux Chain Pearl, Dulux Silkwort and Dulux Lilac Suede.”

This trend also ties into the rise of stone in decor, in particular marble.

Bio Fragility

Bio Fragility

Retro Remix

This is a timely palette, considering the decade of the 1970s has been drawn upon for fashion runways for spring/summer 15/16.

“A new retro movement inspires the Retro Remix trend, a fun and youthful mix of iconic elements from across the mid to late century,” said Dulux.

Grazia & Co’s custom designed a post-modern David ottoman and Bowie side table “capturing playful aesthetic and functional experimentation.”

“The Retro Remix palette is optimistic, nonconformist, and energetic, featuring Dulux Brigadier Blue, Dulux Clay Play, Dulux Deep Sapphire and Dulux Hot Ginger.”

This is a colourful theme where colour blocking and unusual and funky combinations are welcome.

Retro Remix

Retro Remix

Future Past

“Future Past is a modern move to the future which values and seeks comfort in eclectic nostalgic references,”  Dulux notes.

Fleurage’s Emma Leah, who specialises in traditional perfumery, designed “an intriguing room scent for this trend which is bold yet refined and luxurious.”

“Inspired by the industrial age, Future Past is a fusion of our digital reality with classicism, heritage and craftsmanship,” Dulux said. “The Future Past palette showcases a combination of deep, decadent traditional and modern hues, including Dulux Ripening Grape, Dulux Loose Leather and Dulux Emerald Forest.”

Future Past

Future Past

Infinite Worlds

Finishing off with a touch of gravity is textile-based artist Elise Cakebread, who created bespoke Pile High Club floor cushions for Infinite Worlds.

Her cushions “evoke the trend’s fascination with unexplored realms and futuristic 1970s science fiction influences,” Dulux said. “An eerie atmosphere of uncharted territories is captured by the Infinite Worlds palette, featuring colours such as Dulux Lickedy Lick, Dulux Supernatural and Dulux Odyssey.”

Infinite Worlds aims to be a fun theme that allows the consumer to decorate by imagination.

Infinite Worlds

Infinite Worlds

For the full report and colour swatches of the 2016 Dulux Colour Forecast click here.

All image via Dulux