The trend toward ‘smart’ homes has been growing in recent years. Hi-tech bathrooms have joined the game with state-of-the-art technology systems like showers controlled by apps and digital faucets.

A growing number of luxury homes are pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, particularly within their bathrooms.

digital faucet

This digital faucet by Jado brings a futuristic look and feel to bathroom designs.

The shower in particular has gone from a manually-operated device to one with increased automation. Today’s hi-tech digital showers allow users to control the water temperature and adjust water pressure and massage settings easily. Most digital showers can be programmed from a wall pad or via remote control, creating different personalized shower or bath settings based on users’ individual preferences.

high tech toilets

High-tech toilets feature self-opening and closing lids, deodorizing systems and heated seats.

There is also a new water-control system that comes with an accompanying app so that users can control the shower/bath from a mobile phone. This digital app allows the shower to be turned on or the bath to be filled from anywhere in the house, such as, for example, from the bedroom before getting out of bed in the morning.

most digital showers

Most digital showers can be programmed from a wall pad or via remote control.

Illuminated showers and tubs are also part of the latest trend in hi-tech and futuristic bathroom designs.

Using coloured LED lights, showers can be turned into a dazzling focal point within the bathroom. Chromatherapy tubs are integrated with coloured lights to turn a simple bath or shower into a therapeutic experience, offering up to eight different colours and a full spectrum of light for an experience that is both relaxing and invigorating.

bathtub designed with a TV screen

Some bathtubs even feature television sets.

The traditional medicine cabinet has been reinvented as well. New models feature mirrored doors with wide-screen LCD televisions, allowing users to watch news, sports, weather or other television programming while grooming. They also include MP3 outlets so users can play music directly through the cabinet, as well as outlets to charge electronic personal care items or other electronics such as mobile phones or tablets.

High Tech digital shower

Hi-tech digital showers can allow users to control water temperature, water pressure and massage settings.

Hi-tech toilets feature self-opening and closing lids, deodorizing systems, heated seats, bidets with adjustable controls for temperature and water pressure and built-in speaker systems with docking stations. A touch-screen remote allows users to customize every option according to their own personal preferences.

Mirror TV Cabinet

Mirrored TV cabinet.

Premium digital bidet seats come with a remote control for hands-free operation and include two self-sterilizing, stainless steel nozzles which spray gentle aerated streams of water which can be adjusted for temperature, pressure and spray width. Bidets can be also equipped with an air dryer and a deodorizer.

Modern design trends and hi-tech features are enhancing bathrooms’ customization and functionality, which are the two key features of interior design. This ensures the humble bathroom can be a great space to help relieve the stress of everyday life.