Wednesday, June 8th 2022, marked the one year anniversary since the ‘International Organisation for Standardisation’ introduced ISO 45003 (2021) into the Global workplace, including Australia.

In that 12-month period, worksites across Australia will have undoubtedly endured countless injuries, tragically some ending up as fatalities, most likely as a result of physical and mental health related workplace incidents.

ISO 45003 (2021) Occupational health and safety management – Psychological health and safety at work – Guidelines for managing psychosocial risks, provides guidance on the management of psychosocial risks and promoting well-being at work as part of an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system.

  • The definition of psychosocial risks: combination of the likelihood of occurrence of exposure to work-related hazard(s) of a psychosocial nature and the severity of injury and ill-health that can be caused by these hazards.
  • The definition of well-being at work: fulfilment of the physical, mental, social and cognitive needs and expectations of a worker related to their work.

ISO 45003 (2021) is intended to be used together with ISO 45001 (2018), which contains requirements and guidance on:

  • planning, implementing, reviewing, evaluating and improving an OH&S management system
  • highlighting that the organisation is responsible for the OH&S of workers and others who can be affected by its activities
  • including promoting and protecting their physical and psychological health

A cursory review of the Jas-ANZ website (1/7/2022), relating to the ‘Top 10 Construction Companies in Australia in 2021’, (as compiled by ‘The Urban Developer’), indicates that only 4 of the Top 10 have actually applied for and received ISO Certification for ISO 45001 (2018). However none having then gone on to complete ISO Certification for ISO 45003 (2021):

  • Ranked 2nd: Multiplex (Sydney):     ISO 45001 (2018) √;  ISO 45003 (2021) X
  • Ranked 3rd: Built (Sydney):               ISO 45001 (2018) √;  ISO 45003 (2021) X 
  • Ranked 5th: ADCO (Sydney):             ISO 45001 (2018) √;  ISO 45003 (2021) X
  • Ranked 7thHickory Group (Melb): ISO 45001 (2018) √;  ISO 45003 (2021) X
  • Ranked 1st: Lendlease (Sydney):         ISO 45001 (2018) X;  ISO 45003 (2021) X
  • Ranked 4th: Hutchinson (Brisbane):   ISO 45001 (2018) X;  ISO 45003 (2021) X
  • Ranked 6th: ICON (Melb):                     ISO 45001 (2018) X;  ISO 45003 (2021) X
  • Ranked 8th: Hansen Yunken (Melb):  ISO 45001 (2018) X;  ISO 45003 (2021) X
  • Ranked 9th: Kane (Melb):                     ISO 45001 (2018) X;  ISO 45003 (2021) X
  • Ranked 10th: Deicorp (Sydney):          ISO 45001 (2018) X;  ISO 45003 (2021) X


ISO 45003 (2021) is concerned with all types of impacts on health, safety and well-being at work.

ISO 45003 (2021) also includes information on what is important for organisations to consider in relation to:

  • raising awareness of psychosocial risks
  • developing competence in the management of psychosocial risks
  • supporting the recovery and return to work of affected workers
  • planning for and responding to emergency situations

The benefits far outweigh the outcomes associated with an attitude of apathy towards managing psychological health in the workplace.

ISO 45003:2021 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System | GCC (


If you or anyone you know needs help, contact the following organisations:

·         Mates in Construction 1300 22 4636 (construction worker focus)

·         Lifeline 13 11 14

·         BeyondBlue 1800 512 348


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