More asbestos has reportedly been discovered in imports from China as the construction sector in Australia is forced to deal with a flood of cases of products which contain the illegal material.

News Ltd has reported that a fresh batch of products supplied by Yuanda – the Chinese based supplier of products used in commercial building such as curtain wall systems, metal roofs and doors and window systems from whom previous shipments imported into Australia have been found to contain asbestos – have tested positive to and been confirmed to contain the deadly material.

According to the report, the material was detected in a consignment of products situated at the Port of Botany and were destined for the 41 storey 1 William Street development in Brisbane which will form the new home for ministers and public servants.

The discovery is the latest in a string of incidents whereby products supplied by Yuanda have been found to contain the deadly material.

Indeed, on this very project, gaskets containing asbestos which were supplied by Yuanda were found to contain asbestos in July.

That same month, roof panels which the company supplied to builder John Holland were also found to contain asbestos – the use of which is banned in 55 countries but not in China or other countries such as the United States, Russia, Canada and India.

At the time of the previous discoveries in Brisbane and Perth, Yuanda said it would work to resolve the issue, and had dumped a third party supplier which the company said had supplied the material in question and had supplied a fraudulent test certificate.

It said the container to which the latest discovery relates was already in the water prior to the issues with previous products becoming known.

The latest developments also come as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection comes under growing levels of scrutiny with regard to the amount of asbestos related products which are being brought into the country.

In July, the ABC revealed that only a small fraction of building materials being imported into the country were checked for asbestos.

  • Look, it's not Chinese products that are the problem as such, given that pretty much everything we purchase is manufactured in the Middle Kingdom. It's shoddy products, and lack of discrimination, or perhaps even scruples, on the part of builders and developers making purchases. You can get top grade products from China as well as cheap crap, and it's up to buyers to differentiate between the two. Caveat emptor, as they always say.

  • This begs the question: "Was Border Protection to blame?" It certainly is not a misnomer to describe the current range of products in use in Australian construction a flood! And as with natural disasters, this man-made one has already reached the level of catastrophe-and no end in sight. As one of 24 Million powerless Australians, it truly beggars belief. No wonder that ordinary Aussies have no trust in governance and are voting at the polls with the only voice their only weapon, one rarely able to be used – their voice!

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