Last month, PrefabAUS co-hosted the pre-launch of the Modular Construction Code, the first of its kind in the world.

Developed by the Modular Construction Codes Board (MCCB), it is a collaborative research project with Monash University, jointly funded by the Victorian Government and private industry.

The pre-launch event in Melbourne on December 6, 2016 included a series of presentations on important elements of the Code by key MCCB members responsible for its development. The audience of more than 120 from across the construction industry was also able to view the draft Code.

James Murray-Parkes, professor of Practice Faculty of Engineering at Monash University and Head of Science & Engineering for the Multiplex Engineering Innovations Group was the driver behind this initiative as well as a core resource for the development of the Code document.

By consolidating leading-edge experience and knowledge of advances in modular manufacturing and construction for improving safety, productivity and quality in industrial practices, the Code aims to provide guidance to industry, government and the wider community on the design and construction of modular structures.

More than that, the Code should help to demystify important aspects of designing and successful delivery of modular and offsite projects as well as providing a vital reference point not only for industry players but for client and funding organisations who also value the assurance that a robust and formalised Code can provide.

Encouragingly, the industry support for this initiative was so great, it fostered a generous spirit of collaboration across a range of businesses and even amongst steadfast competitors. This is a key step in making the Code and its ongoing development open to the widest audience, which is a central objective.

Consistent with this, the Code is presented in a user-friendly, handbook-style format, as can be seen in the following example:

modular construction

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