New Zealand wants to lure thousands of West Australians across the Tasman to fill a nationwide skills shortage.

A delegation of 30 government officials and major employers will hold walk-in interviews and potentially make thousands of on-the-spot offers to suitable candidates at a two-day jobs expo in Perth on November 22 and 23.

They’re tasked with finding people to fill 2000 immediate vacancies and persuading thousands more to emigrate with the promise of better job prospects in a booming economy, a lower cost of living and shorter commutes to work.

Skilled workers in almost every sector of the economy, including FIFO workers facing uncertain job prospects in the slowing resources sector, are urged to consider relocating temporarily or permanently to New Zealand.

“With unemployment falling and economic growth picking up, we need as many skilled workers as we can find, particularly in construction, engineering, healthcare, the tech sector and trades,” said Nigel Bickle, of New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Mr Bickle said Kiwi expats were also being asked to consider returning home.

Major employers aiming to recruit WA workers include New Zealand’s largest engineering firm, BECA, the nation’s largest employer, Fletcher Building, and its biggest distributor of electricity and gas, Vector.

Most Australian permanent residents can live and work in New Zealand without a visa.