A Perth based architecture practice has collapsed just one week after being spun out from a larger practice, media outlets have reported.

According to Busindess News, Pitcher Partners has been appointed as liquidators for DAPM, which is being wound up after it was decided at a general meeting that in fact this would happen.

“We were approached by the director, the company was obviously not in a sound financial position, we then at a high level discussed all of the options around the company,” liquidator Danieal Bredenkamp told Business News.

“The company has been put into voluntary administration and we are essentially in the process of winding up the affairs of the company.”

The latest developments came after DAPM, which was previously the Western Australian office of DesignInc (Trading as DesignInc Perth), split off from DesignInc earlier this month.

At the time, DesignInc’s national chairman Ian Armstrong indicated that the directors of the Perth based office had in fact decided to branch out and expanded into market segments which were not core to the main firm’s national activities.

According to Architecture and Design, these sectors include aged care, hospitality and modular design.

Armstrong at the time Architecture and Design reported that the Sydney and Adelaide offices of DesignInc had in fact been growing in core areas such as health, community, education, transport and defence, and would continue to work on a number of projects in WA.

At the time of the split, it was announced that DAPM would in fact be headed up by former DesignInc Perth managing director Ron Jee.

Despite the liquidation, Jee and some of his DAPM team that this was indeed the first step in a process of establishing a new firm known as Modcon architecture, which would establish itself as a leader in modular and prefabrication architecture.

Jee said clients contracted under the Designinc brand had been happy to switch over to Modcon and that some albeit not all of his former staff would be rehired by the new company.