As new figures show that road travel times are increasing, the South Australian government is banking on upgrades to infrastructure in order to curb travel times.

Figures from the state’s Department of Transport and Primary Industries suggest that average travel times throughout Adelaide increased by 13 percent over the fifteen-year period spanning 2,000 to 2015.

Throughout this time, travel times during peak periods in the evenings by 15 percent whilst those in the morning have risen by ten percent.

The figures also show a corresponding increase in car ownership over the period.

Last year, there were 1,7412,475 registered within the state – a 31.2 percent increase on the 1,302,360 vehicles registered in 2000.

In response, transport minister Stephen Mullighan says the government is taking a multi-pronged approach, including through major road network infrastructure projects, upgrades to existing roads and better network management.

With regard to major projects, the centrepiece of these revolve around a $2.5 billion joint investment on the 78-kilometre North-South corridor between Gawler and Old Noarlunga.

With regard to traffic management, the government says it is looking at innovative ways to reduce congestion through use of technology through its Operation Moving Transport program.

Prioritising of vehicle demands over pedestrians on Hutt Street had saved up to 30 percent on travel time for motorists, Mulligan said, whilst the government was also providing motorists with new travel time signs on major roads and real-time traffic information through the AddInsight smartphone app.

“Reducing congestion and delivering faster and more reliable travel times for motorists, freight operators and public transport is a priority for the State Government,” Mulligan said.

The state opposition did not respond to requests for comment.


The following projects form part of the state’s strategy to address congestion:

Upgrading the North-South Corridor

  • $985 million Northern Connector project
    • $896 million Torrens Road to River Torrens project
    • $620 million Darlington Upgrade
    • Completed Northern Expressway, South Road Superway, Southern Expressway duplication, Gallipoli Underpass, Glenelg Tram Overpass
    • Joint commitment to upgrade entire North-South Corridor within a decade

Inner City Ring Route upgrades

  • $160 million O-Bahn City Access Project increasing lanes on Hackney Road
    • $238 million Torrens Junction upgrade removing the level crossing on Park Terrace
    • Adding extra lanes to Park Terrace and Fitzroy Terrace, increasing capacity at the Torrens Road intersection, duplicating James Congdon Drive, increasing capacity at Ashwin Parade, increasing capacity at the South Road/Richmond Road intersection and the Sturt Road/Marion Road junction

Projects to improve existing road network performance

  • Greenhill Road extended clearway operating times to increase lane capacity for traffic
    • Removing right turns from busy intersections to increase green light duration for priority routes
    • Better synchronisation of traffic lights on key routes, with Hutt Street and Portrush Road commenced
    • Laws to better manage roadworks, including penalties for the incorrect use of speed restrictions, for unnecessary and unauthorised closure of roads and traffic lanes, and delayed completion of roadworks.
    • Remove illegally parked vehicles from clearway