The South Australian government has dumped on Canberra’s call to promote clean coal power generation, describing it as a ‘fairytale’.

“Clean coal doesn’t exist. There is no country in the world that is going to be making a 50-year investment decision to produce a new coal-fired power station. It’s not realistic,” SA Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said on Thursday.

Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said the Commonwealth was looking at all options to secure affordable energy and that included subsidising new high-efficiency, low-emission coal power plants.

At the same time, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has pledged to make energy policy a priority this year with the aim of achieving affordable, secure and reliable power.

Mr Turnbull said he couldn’t see why the Clean Energy Finance Corporation shouldn’t look at funding high-efficiency low-emissions power plants.

But Mr Koutsantonis said market analysts had already predicted clean coal would produce very expensive power and that was the reason not one of the plants had been constructed in Australia.

“Clean coal” is a myth being perpetrated by a prime minister who is clearly owned by the coal industry,” he said.

“If clean coal technology was viable then it would already be operating in the market – the fact is that it is not.

“Companies are not going to make a 50-year investment decision to build new coal-fired power stations when gas and renewable energy is cheaper and cleaner.”

  • Thanks Mr Koutsantonis, for such a non-studied and very politically biased reply. Unfortunately, your SA "renewable" policies, emulated by other States, are wasting $billions of our taxes to PAY VERY high contracts to every single windpower developer/builder/operator in Australia. Then the wind stops, or blows too fast, or the weakly built structurally unsound towers fell in a WEAK storm, and BLACKOUT! So who paid how much for that windpower, as NONE was built or directly unassisted paid for by those companies? So who is kidding whom about costs of power generation?

    Clean coal technologies were developed here and in Japan, and were studied in the US, and elsewhere; the process require the good higher quality coal we have here in abundance, and are exporting largely to Asian buyers. Why don' we use it here as well as Japan? We must provide huge amounts of industry-usable inexpensive BASELOAD POWER.g

    But because cheap coal is so inexpensive a fuel to produce electrical BASELOAD power here, that clean coal concept has been swept aside by political will and far too much governmentally supplied grants and funds have been used to prop up an unsustainably benefiting wind and solar power industry, withot yet having another plan, eg., clean coal or LPG, for nighttime BASELINE power.
    Please stop cutting off our noses so we can't even smell clean coal power, before the successful proof is shown to you!
    Thanks, Tom, from Chris, (an energy conservation architect from the 70's, who believes in water and solar power, and uses the latter).

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