The Australian Institute of Waterproofing is a not-for-profit industry association that is the voice of the waterproofing industry.

Its primary purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of waterproofing in the construction industry and advocate in raising the standards for waterproofing in Australia. The AIW is a national organization, and the Committee is a team of passionate volunteers who are experts in the industry.

AIW has branches in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia. More recently, it has added Tasmania as well. The committee now includes three members from NSW, four from QLD, and one each from WA and TAS. VIC has a further six. There are also members from South Australia and the Northern Territory but no representation on the committee yet.

It’s a very active group, promoting better waterproofing practice through meetings, conferences, and training.

Recent events the AIW has hosted are:

  • “Waterproofing Now and Beyond” events in Parramatta and Newcastle NSW
  • Discussion & meeting about the incoming “National Construction Code”
  • Free training “How to Install Water Stops” – a subject of importance to most tilers

There is a growing interest in “below ground waterproofing” as evidenced at the recent webinar run by the Concrete Institute of Australia.  There were 108 participants to hear Paul Evans, AIW president, talk about “Waterproofing Basements” and Colin Picton from Fosrock discuss their products and appropriate methodology.

As Paul explains; the AIW tends to concentrate on methodology, along with the correct use of materials and application.  This training and education are not just for waterproofers themselves, but also includes every construction professional who relies on waterproofing.   Paul says: “The AIW and Master Builders VIC have collaborated and created a waterproofing course designed specifically for people who are in the industry but not necessarily waterproofers themselves.

A critical aspect of waterproofing is the preparation of the construction site prior to installation. The Master Builders Victorian course demonstrates the key points, so construction workers are confident a site has been prepared correctly. This basic point goes a long way to ensure the success or otherwise of waterproofing.

One of the aspects of the AIW that really pleases Paul is the institute has managed to engage a wide range of professionals who need to know more about waterproofing. “Industry professionals, waterproofers, tilers, architects, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and engineers. The AIW has reached across a good matrix who are involved in design, installation, supervision and and came to get more involved.”

In fact, the AIW is very encouraging for any professional who is interested. “We don’t hold back on who wants to be included. You know, we’ have members from overseas that are just interested in waterproofing. The AIW offers affiliate membership which enables those interested to keep up with the AIW informative newsletters, as they want to know what’s going on in Australia, which is terrific…”

Beyond that kind of broad engagement, however, Paul does have a focus on waterproofing professionals as well. In particular, he is keen to advance the AIW as a place where they can share their experience and knowledge.

While waterproofers may sometimes get it wrong, Paul also often reiterates one reason waterproofing fails is the combination of the “time & cost factor.

A typical scenario is the occurrence of wet weather, and once it stops raining, the builder expects the waterproofing to be applied immediately — even though the substrate is still moist. And while there may be products, or simply product re-application, that can make it possible, many builders are unwilling to pay for that.

Paul Evans has been the AIW president for the past six years and involved within the Committee for 11 years. Paul has stepped aside recently as his remedial building/waterproofing business. The next president is David Previte who is in NSW which will be the first time the AIW chair has left Victoria, as it hopes for a wider interest nationally.

AIW Membership

The AIW welcomes all construction industry professionals — architects, manufacturers, tilers, and allied trades. Belonging to the AIW will help to raise the standard of waterproofing in the industry and provides members with many direct benefits, such as:

  • Access to the latest technical information
  • Access to former course and outline training
  • The right to use the AIW logo in members’ communications with clients and others, which helps to build brand credibility
  • Connections with others in the industry to help share and find solutions

Even if you don’t plan on becoming a member, it really is worthwhile going through the AIW’s newsletters, past and present.  Leading experts in waterproofing provide in-depth articles on topics such as wet-area waterproofing ie around shared tub/shower areas, waterproofing steam rooms and how to correctly install water stops.

Prospective members can contact the AIW on its website at:

Contact Paul Evans: