I wanted to put this list together for the Architectural profession.

We are a creative, inspiring and many times controlling group of talented individuals.

These tips can help bring support and guidance when the going gets tough.

  1. 1. Trying to sort out business challenges alone

It seems that many believe they want to solve all challenges presented. There is a desire to be not give in. Plus, an old dialogue “If you have to ask for help then you are a failure”.

When we move into this behavior we feel, tired and productivity suffers.

Ask for help, and have a mentor, coach, friend who can unemotionally make suggestions or just listen.

2. Mindset, valuing yourself

We all have times when we feel undervalued. And this awareness if unchecked can grow over time.  If you don’t value yourself who can value you? Interesting thought, and true. And where did the undervaluing come from?

Architects can have a perfectionist mindset. Which can make you a prisoner in many areas of your life.

Ask yourself, is your glass half full or empty?

3. Forgetting past achievements

How common is this! Many clients are excellent at forgetting about past achievements. So how does this happen? Our lives are busy, we multitask and move through the day quickly. Then get confronted with challenges in our career that sends us into a panic.

Start now and make a list of the significant achievements in your career. Read them daily and give Gratitude for your gifts and expertise.

4. Leaving a job too quickly

Many times, we can dislike our workplace intensely and want to walk out.

This is one of the worst mistakes to make. When you leave a job because you are emotionally and professionally exhausted, you are placing yourself in a vulnerable position. The first few weeks will be great, relief. But what happens next?

A plan is needed to ease your way out of a job and transition into a smart inspiring career path.

5. Working long hours for what?

This seems to be normal for those in high-level careers. Work long hours and you will be rewarded. If these hours do not happen many can imagine they are not successful. This is where Work Life balance begins.

How important is it for you to have a life away from your workplace?

When you are tired you are not going to be at your optimum in your job.

Start to consider taking up Meditation. You can do short bursts, several minutes a day.  Meditation saved my life when I was working long hours and travelling. All you need to do is to commit.

6.  Bad communication

This is one of the major challenges Architects mention. Communication is not just a challenge in the Creative world. It moves through into our personal life too. Bad communication wastes time gets people offside and slows down impressive design work. We make badly informed decisions when communication is not clear.

Keep asking the communicator what they mean exactly, not in airy creative terms. And remember many Architects are Control freaks so you have to keep being persistent.

7. Not understanding the client

To stand out in the world of Architecture. It is essential to understand how and why your client came to you or your Practice.They may have differing ideas on design. But have come to you for a reason. It is important to keep asking questions and finding ways to answer that are a win win for both.

Ferret out what they love about your buildings etc. Educate on the Architectural design process.  Once you understand your client you will have them eating out of your hand.

This 7-tip template can help greatly in navigating the Architectural Client, Business relationship. Keep referring back to it when challenging situations arise. My clients have used this template for many years to help move through different stages of their career growth.

Good luck. Go well.