You have a largish and unused backyard in Victoria .  Why not subdivide it?

The subdivision process will take over 15 months.
The first thing to do is check  the title. Are there any restrictions to subdivide by way of a Covenant or Agreement.
Measure the side of house and confirm you can put in a new 3-metre-wide driveway to the back.
Check for trees- large trees can be problematic and will need an arborist report for removal in most cases.
Also check for any easements and location of sewer and drainage. If they are not in the way of a development, then follow the next 4 steps:
1. Get Council planning consent for the second home for which a land survey is done and a new house plan drawn including any amendments to the existing house .  You do not have to build if you just want to sell the backyard.
2. Obtain Council consent for a two-lot subdivision with common (shared) driveway.
3. Satisfy council permit conditions eg connect the back lot to all services- sewer, power, NBN etc. Do the actual connection works (The Works).
4. Apply to the Titles office for Registration of the new lots.
Your costs will depend on The Works- connection of services.
As a ballpark, budget $40K + for a straightforward 2 lot strata subdivision.


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