Transfers between Adelaide Airport's long-term car park and the terminal are going driverless with the introduction of three experimental shuttles.

The trial will be funded by a $1 million grant from the South Australian government’s $10 million future mobility fund with other projects to get assistance including a driverless shuttle to move students around Adelaide’s Flinders University.

Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan says if the airport trials prove successful they will become permanent.

He says the suite of driverless car projects the state government is funding will help show the community that the technology is moving forward.

“This is an important step in showing South Australians that this technology is well advanced, that it’s ready for trialling, it’s ready for testing,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

He said most people expected autonomous cars on mainstream roads were some way off but incremental changes to allow trials like that at Adelaide Airport, on designated routes, were the way forward.

“There’s a huge amount of effort at the national and then down to the state level to try and effectively regulate for those,” he said.