Sourceable would like to apologise for publishing a story on Tuesday which was under embargo and was not intended to be published by any media outlet until today (Thursday.

The story ‘Sydney Residents Still Confident on Housing Market’ based on a survey performed by UDIA and Urbis was under embargo until Thursday June 18 but was accidently published on Tuesday on June 16th.

This was unfair to any other media outlets who rightly held the story back whilst the story was under embargo. It was also unfair to other journalists who diligently prepared their stories only to have it as ‘old news’ by the time the story went out.n5

Sourceable aims to uphold high ethical and editorial standards at all times. On this occasion, we got this wrong. This will not happen again.

Sourceable apologises to UDIA NSW, Urbis and other media outlets and journalists and will take greater care to observe all embargos going forward.


Andrew Heaton

Managing Editor